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garage door sensor repairAre you having trouble with your garage door sensor repair agoura hills? Is the door refusing to close or closing partway before opening again? Are the sensor lights blinking, but nothing is happening? If so, it’s likely that you’re experiencing garage door sensor issues.

Although they are frustrating, sensor problems are common among garage doors of all makes and models. In order for a garage door to function safely and effectively, the door’s sensors need to be aligned and in good working order. When they’re not, the entire garage door system ceases to function very quickly.

When Sensors Go Bad

If you look at your garage door from the inside, you’ll see the sensors mounted on the inside of the door jamb pointing across the garage door’s opening at one another. These sensors act like the door’s eyes and serve the important purpose of preventing the door from closing if there is any type of obstruction in the way. When they get knocked out of alignment or stop working properly, though, they can’t detect obstructions and, because the door can no longer operate safely, it stops operating altogether.

In most cases, garage door owners experiencing sensor problems can still close the door by holding the wall switch down, but this is a troublesome task and it negates the convenience of the garage door.

Replacing Garage Door Sensors

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